Notary Services
We are Certified Notary Agents and Certified Signing Agents. We are here to serve your needs to save you time and money.

Our service includes verifying the identities of signers for documents , such as;

Grant Deeds
Quitclaim Deeds
Power of Attorneys
Wills and Living Trusts
I-9 Certifications
DMV Documentation
Immigration Documents
Affidavits of Citizenship
Background Check Forms
Bill of Sales
Student Housing Documents
Contractor Bids
Consent for Minors to travel
Retirement-Pension Plan Agreements
Eviction Notices
Mortgage Loan and Refinance Applications
Any Other Docs Requiring Notarization

Perfect for:
Individuals, mortgage lenders, brokers, escrow companies, title companies, real estate agents, signings in hospitals, care facilities or courthouse, attorneys, employment offices and private residences.
​​-Personal High Level Customer Service

-Knowledge of Notarial Acts

-Loan Doc Technical Expertise

Terrence Scanlan - CA Commission Number 2179302
"Disclaimer: Please note that we are not attorneys and therefore may not provide any legal advice regarding any notarized documents."